Devil's Coulee Dinosaur & Heritage Museum

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Head to Devil's Coulee Dinosaur Museum in Warner to learn about the exciting "Devil's Coulee Discovery." In 1987 a young local girl named Wendy Sloboda found what she believed to be dinosaur eggshells while hiking along the Milk River Ridge. 

Famed paleontologist Dr. Phillip Currie of the Royal Tyrrell Museum confirmed the find. The excavations that followed resulted in the discovery of a hadrosaur--or duckbill--dinosaur nesting site. Visitors to the museum (50 minutes south of Lethbridge) can book illuminating guided tours to the site where the dinosaur eggs are found, and explore the museum to see a hadrosaur nest and embryo, touch dinosaur fossils and skin impressions, and hone their own paleontology skills by digging for plaster casts of fossils found in and around Devil’s Coulee. 

Please click on this link below to go to the Devil's Coulee Dinosaur & Heritage Museum Website to book tours

Museum Hours: 2023 Season May 20 to September 3

9:00 am to 4:00 pm - Tuesday to Sunday

(Open on Victoria Day, Canada Day, and Heritage Day stat holidays)

Site Tours: Meet at the museum at 9:00 am and 11:00 am to begin your museum and site tour

(Afternoon tours available)


Devil's Coulee Dinosaur & Heritage Museum Website