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For most people in Southern Alberta, finding a reliable energy and internet service provider is a hassle. Ridge Utilities is here to change all that. Owned by communities in the region to save residents money and make life simpler, we'll reinvest all of our profits right where our customers live rather then send the money to a faceless corporate headquarters in another region or country.  We're part of the Utility Network and Partners Inc. family, now celebrating 40 years in Alberta's energy industry.

Formed by the Village of Stirling as an innovative Community Sustainability Initiative, Ridge Utilities markets electricity and green generated power to residential, farming and small business located across Southern Alberta. We are also pleased to be able to offer affordable internet service plans to most communities. You now have the option to purchase these services at competitive rates and support your community all at the same time with 100 per cent of the profits generated used to support and grow our community and region in a vibrant and sustainable manner. Funds will be distributed to projects based on where our customers live, so by purchasing through us you are helping to bring investment back directly to your community!

Let's talk and find out how we can help you save money and take the work out of your energy bills.

Please visit us at www.ridgeutilities.net

Your questions are important! Click on the link for Frequently Asked Questions: https://www.ridgeutilities.net/faq.html

For information on a variety of topics such as Alberta Power Pool Pricing Information, Industry Associations, Check your site address, Governance of the Alberta Energy Industry, and Wire Service Providers (WSP): https//www.ridgeutilities.net/quicklinks.html

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